About Us

Who is iPests


iPesTermite Solutions offers a full range of Individual and Industrial Pest Extermination Services covering all Commercial & Domestic situations. Termite Management is our core business utilizing the Exterra Interception and Baiting system and a range of liquid chemical solutions including Termidor.

A comprehensive on-site assessment of your termite or pest eradication needs can be provided FREE upon request and with no obligation. 

Sooooo..... If your house has a bug disease,
.....like termites cochroaches or fleas,.....
........Ants, wasps or spiders...Rodents too.....
.....We'd love to kill them all for you.
Call IpesTs To deal with the livin'...Let US send YOUR bugs to HEAVEN.

Our Guarantee

Best guarantee in the business .


SAFETY: Our first priority. The product we use inside your house will not smell and it will be completely safe around pregnant women as well as your children, pets and plants.

THOROUGHNESS: Pests will be eradicated from every part of your home and yard that you have engaged us to deal with.


CLEANLINESS: The areas of your home that we have worked in will be left cleaner than when we arrived.

Our Certifications & Qualifications

Qbcc Licenses number 734335 

Black Belt in Killing Mantis Style