In the modern office spaces, managers are faced the challenges to give perfect, protected and sound conditions for their staff while meeting their much of the time strict budgetary limitations. Ipests is a mission critical service for administrators and anybody that is taking care of an office space.


Left unchecked, infestations can convey and spread diseases, and company's reputations, occupant enjoyment, and real financial impact. A few bugs can even harm and wreck building foundation, requiring costly repairs and making conceivable building infringement. That is the place iPests comes in. Guaranteeing confidence in resolving issues for you. 

Your home is often considered to be your biggest lifetime investment. However, if you own a business, you know how critical it is to protect this investment - essentially your livelihood - from pests and rodents!


Preventing pest infestations and best practice for proper pest control should be a part of your overall business strategy and an important part of the service you provide. The sooner you address a pest problem, the sooner you can rid your business of a more serious pest infestation. iPests professionals provide the experience and expertise needed to protect your business, employees, customers and revenue from pest threats.


Commercial Properties

We offer complete pest control for a large number of different commercial companies, including but not limited to:

  • Restaurants and commercial kitchens

  • Work Sites

  • Schools and Universities

  • Day Care Centres

  • Office Spaces and residential buildings

  • Commercial Gardens