Small pests like mosquitoes can be very annoying and ruin the outside atmosphere of any business resulting in fewer sales and unhappy staff. Mosquito control is an important public health practice as mosquito populations thrive in the correct conditions and can grow out of control.

Trained technicians can conduct an inspection outlining breeding areas by identifying vegetation, ponds and other areas of standing water. After identifying these areas the technicians will be able to provide you with advice on controlling your mosquito problems and provide a solution for the problem at hand.



Although ants are only small they can quickly become a nuisance in your business without treatment. A small ant problem can escalate quickly as their colony grows.

Different locations experience different types of ants which can be confusing for many people when trying to identify their type of problem. If you are concerned about the ants in your business do not hesitate to contact us for help.



Insects and spiders can affect your business in different ways. Some are a risk because of their bites and stings which can be dangerous to your customers and staff, others may cause damage to your building or spread disease. IPES provides a variety of insect control solutions for your needs including…

  • Insect proofing

  • Insecticides

  • Insect bait stations

  • Insect monitor units

  • Moth pheromones

  • Wasp attractants

It is important to treat these pests quickly and efficiently to ensure your customers and staff are safe and minimal damage occurs to your home or business


Birds are usually encouraged and enjoyed around our businesses creating atmosphere for customers, however if they get into the wrong areas it can be an issue. Birds which have become trapped or nested in problematic areas can be dealt with in an appropriate way with the help of an experienced IPES technician. Bird control can be treated with a variety of different ways depending on your situation, these include…

  • Bird removal

  • Wire deterrent systems

  • Electric bird deterrents

  • Bird scaring

  • Bird netting

  • Optical bird deterrent



Mice, rats and rodents are a problem that no business wants to occur. Businesses will most commonly experience black rats, brown rats and house mice which can cause havock for staff and customers.

There are a variety of Rodent control options that IPES can provide for you including…

  • Rodent proofing

  • Rodenticides

  • Rodent bait stations

  • Mouse radar

  • Mouse monitor units